Sunday, June 13, 2004

wtf atkins?

i thought the atkins diet was going to be a fad. everybody drops those diets because we are too susceptible to temptation and most people aren't that regimatic. jenny craig? weight watchers? south beach? everyone at my workplace who put themselves on those things, has quit following them.

atkins is interesting. low to no carbs? people think that they can eat whatever they want, exorbitant amounts of butter, greasy piles of shit, you name it all while avoiding bread and noodles. this diet just doesn't go away, it somehow has taken some kind of social life preserver and keeps on having it's effects.

i was walking down the food aisle in the super market a few days ago, and lo and behold, Coca Cola C2. what the hell is coke c2? good question, half the carbs half the calories half the sugar coke. are you kidding me.

if you want to be on a diet, don't put that much fucking sugar into your body in the first place. losing weight is really simple, assuming you don't have some kind of thyroid problem or something of that nature.

1. you know that great stuffed feeling after you've eaten a full meal and then some? don't eat that much anymore.

2. do some excercise. really it helps, it's hard losing weight, by eating low carbs and high fat and sitting on your ass.

coke's new product reflects consumerism, somehow atkins friendly everything has become the new cool. i mean let's be honest, i saw low-carb icecream the other day.