Sunday, October 19, 2008

Powell endorses Obama, but there's more.

Today Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama, but the more interesting part that will likely get less press was his defense of Muslims.

Powell is one of the first politicians that has publicly said, Obama isn't a Muslim, but what if he is? Is there something wrong with that? This is America and there isn't anything wrong with that. Even Obama himself has rarely addressed this point. Powell again shows why members of both parties respect him, his character, and his judgment dearly. We are walking down a dangerous path in history when citizens and politicians indicate that it is appropriate to single out faiths as disqualifying people from higher office or any office; the whispering undercurrent to this election is that Muslim = terrorist and that is wrong in so many ways and denigrates the accomplishments of so many. That is not the America we should be presenting to the world. Powell is on point and joins the growing number of prominent GOP members, conservative radio hosts and conservative newspapers that have come out to endorse Senator Obama. Hats off to Colin Powell for doing the right thing and standing up for our fellow citizens.