Thursday, June 17, 2004


interesting set of hot journals this evening. i found myself agreeing with mr. zaragoza and seeing his reputation ignite some girl to get all flustered with him. flustered in a bad way, i believe she called him a neo-nazi. that was interesting.

what i'd like to know is what is up with this new 'jump on the gravy train' phenomena that is emo/indie/punk/hardcore. at columbia i have seen people listen to the most diverse assortments of jazz, classical, classic rock, etc. but it seems that when it comes to my beloved genre of emo/indie/punk/hardcore, there is hardly any diversity at all. everyone seems to be into the shame shit.

saves the day- new album, crap. my brother argues with me about that, but it is nowhere near their previous material.

jimmy eat world.- good band, nothing wrong with them at all. they just seem to be everyone's infatuation of the minute.

radiohead- i don't get it.

good charlotte- whatever, they are terrible. no further comments.

mest- never had a quality album, always decent to subpar.

where is the variety? doesn't anyone listen to something different from anyone else these days? where is the Foucault spirit, be different! it's so time consuming to search for new music to listen to and so hard to find good help in the new music endeavour. my only sources are finding good bands that open for bands i goto see in concert, dan fuller, katie k. (she might still have her column @ if you want to check her out... alas she's filming or something so she hasn't talked to me in a while :( ), e-commerce sites like &, and yael. cmon, someone help me find new shit to listen to, my 5 new cd's a week rhythm has been off for a month, in need of assistance.

anyways, peas my friends and new friends. i'll be in Los Angeles for the weekend and i think i've decided not to bring my laptop, so no internet till monday. if anyone needs me or wants to say hiyo!, call my cellphone. it's on my aim profile if you are stalking me or something... peas out homies.

ps. dan, if you're in LA this weekend gimme a call.