Monday, June 07, 2004

fuck hipsters

this evening i drove my younger brother to the Halifax concert. they rocked by the way. two highschool bands opened before halifax and glasseater (glasseater is a shitty band so we left early), but it seems that everyone and their mother wants to be in a hardcore band these days. you don't even need words, you just scream into the mic.

our entire punk rock scene has dissapeared. we've all graduated from highschool and gone off to college. what remains is a new breed, a rather disgusting breed, hipsters. i've always said the music is about the music, bypass all of the superficial trends. that never is heeded though, they are the hot topic generation, and the opposing anti-hot topic hipster group is no better. what used to be gothic looking people in big pants and lots of black has been replaced with the tight clothed hipsters.

this is the scene as it is today, across the nation, you goto new york city, los angeles, texas, etc. everyone looks like they should be in a indie band. tight jeans. t-shirt that doesn't fit. scrawny mother fuckers with no muscles to speak of. long goofy ass hair. those off color jackets. i mean, what in the fuck guys? who do you think you are, conor oberst? well not even obserst is that band, everyone i've seen looks like they've been displaced out of a taking back sunday video. still, it's just a fad.

this is more superficial. the materialist hipsters, still living off of parental income, digging through the salvation army bins for "vintage" stuff. hipster steve in nyc told yael and i, "it's kind of sad that everyone in our scene is becoming a hipster, even me. we started making money and all of us who didn't make it with our bands have turned ourselves onto buying clothes and looking good for girls instead of rocking out.". you know what, fuck hipsters. i don't like your brown, red and pink vest jacket. it sucks.


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