Wednesday, June 23, 2004

snap crackle pop

tommorow is a bit of a free day at work, so i'm bringing my laptop to work and starting to put together that project i was talking about. see last journal if you have no idea what i'm talking about.

plenty of time to map out things and do some photoshop and come out with a hopefully not so ugly looking page. that and i have a nice giant copy of Bill Clinton's memoirs to read.

i went climbing again today, i'm really bummed out. i could barely do a v2, that's so weak. to top it off, i was pulling down and back on a hold and wouldn't you know, i hear a pop in my hand. i was out of commission for about 5 minutes trying to figure what happened and why my hand was hurting like a bizatch. i think i popped a tendon or a whatever it is. did some top roping after i got some adrenaline running through me and did a easy 5.8 and 5.7+ on the top ropes. god i'm way out of shape.

now my hand is out of commission and to top it off, i am continuing my summer trend of being anti-social. i don't really feel like hanging out with my friends, i just want to sit around watching movies and baking. is that bad? cucommunity is losing it's magic for me too, i guess it's because not enough people are using it. i want to get back to school and actually talk to people, talking to hot nyu girls i meet online isn't cutting it anymore. [ i will go down 100 blocks to meet them in the fall though]. during the summer, i'm just a really bad friend i guess. michele called yesterday and wanted to hang out. i was hot and stinky coming from 7pm work out and just wanted to go home and sleep. i told her i'd call back after dinner and shower, but... you know me, i just passed out.

concert scene in jacksonville... or actionville is waning. nothing to goto except for midtown in july and silent drive a week after that show. oh yea then warped tour. and hilary duff! at least i'll be home to goto two preseason games (yea Jaguars! wouldn't it be great if they made it to the super bowl, since we are hosting it this year?).

oh yea... um... Vik said him and his girlfriend might come down here to chill. that'd be cool, he can rent out our condo and stuff, and if anyone else wants to come down here and rent out our beach front, 1 bedroom, 1 bath condo you're welcome to.

that's it for now... going to dream about being a rockstar.

"You know I'm cool when all the guys wanna be my friend. And every little girl here, they all wanna hold my hand"