Monday, May 31, 2004

in case anyone was wondering

intro note. I'll be in LA the weekend of June 18th if you are in the area and want to gimme a holler.

I flew home on the saturday of the last week of school, it rained all week. The days it didn't rain, I had to prime and repaint our upstairs and downstairs porches. I was ready to goto the beach, little did I know that that friday, my parents had booked our family tickets to fly out to Seattle.

What in the hell is in Seattle? good question, I'm still not quite sure. Home of starbucks, I found the first Starbucks EVER in Pikes Market, fun place (the market that is), starbucks coffee tastes like shit. Space needle. Overpriced for a 400 ft. above land view of the surrounding city. Beautiful sunset though. Took a lake tour, the boat took us to the Univ. Washington's stadium and we circled by the Sleepless in Seattle house (who would have thought a single story house that floats on the water could cost $1 million+? baffles the mind. Then again we sailed past Bill Gates' house and that was $150 million+. Go figure. Beautiful house though, we were greeted by huge inflated hamburgers and milkshake set up for his son's birthday party. It's a shame you can't sail closer to his house, but everyone needs their privacy, especially on their property.

I was always told about the cultural mystique of Canada. I've been to Toronto, Windsor park, Montreal, Quebec, and don't remember anything too well, but this was my first time in Vancouver.

Final thoughts on Vancouver. Shopping is good, people are generally nicer (not necessarily friendlier, but less asshole-ish in general), girls wear too much makeup and are sub-par. This was downtown Vancouver, so... not quite representative of vancouver as a whole, but there were still way too much of the nouveau riche, hipster shit going on.

Is it me or do these Canadians have an Irish accent? They say "Ay" and "Cheers" a lot, it is cool, gives sentences a nice ring to them. More thoughts on Canada as I remember them...

Seattle Airport. Half asleep in the security checkpoint waiting to go through the metal detector. Pretty cute girl hopping around trying to take off her shoe. Digs in her purse, puts 2 cell phones and 2 digital cameras into the tote. boyfriend is complaining about having to take off his shoes. I'm still staring at the girl, still trying to figure out why the security guards keep messing with her. As she waits for her luggage she starts making out with her bf. Security guard says, hey this is a security checkpoint, not a love checkpoint. Who was this cute mystery girl? It was Drew Barrymore. She's a LOT skinnier in person, I guess the camera does add 10 lbs. either that or she went on a crazy work out plan.

At the other security table, I spied a girl folding up her Columbia sweatshirt. I was too tired to go talk to her, but... if you were the CU girl in the seattle airport this morning, I'm saying my Hi and good morning now.

I got home today after at least 8 hours of flight time and layover time from Seattle. At least I was greeted at the door by a package with new CD's to listen to. [Dan Fuller... ftp is down, b/c i'm on my laptop and haven't set one up yet. lazy.]


here's what came in the mail though.

Astallaslions- Lafcadio. really good, give it a listen
Pedro the Lion- Achilles Heel. similar to their last cd Control, not bad.
Ima Robot- Self titled. awesome, really fun to listen to.
Piebald- All ears All eyes All the time. tracks are hit or miss. some of them are awful, some are brilliant, good tracks tend to sound like they are ben folds' songs.
Fall Out Boy- My heart will always be the b-side to my tongue. meh it's ok, for an EP. got some good tracks on it, has a DVD extra too.