Sunday, June 13, 2004

rock on!

i passed by the new pornographers cd in best buy. i still haven't heard it and the reviewers in the spec have all placed it as their favorite cd of the year. that's entirely why i passed it up again. i'll just dl' it when i get back to school. i haven't found anyone who does the spec's music section sharing the same tastes as my own.

wow. two weeks of work... after tax that's about $1000. sweet, in the money again. plenty of money to fuel bad habits when i get back to school, bailey's irish cream, i'm looking at you kid. maybe a new digital camera.

i went climbing for the first time in months on friday, i am way out of shape for climbing. forearms are not what they used to be, they are sore as a mother fucker now. one of the coolest features they've added in our gym is a self-belay-pulley system. they have your rope and clip in attached to a pulley that catches the slack as you go up and releases slowly as you come down. awesome. good thing i have a salary right now, as of now the need list consists of 2nd pair of climbing shoes... looking at a pair of Bufo's or those new 5'10 shoes they put out. also need a decent harness.

...hmmm.. also, mr. zaragoza said i showed promise. i'm not sure in what aspect he was referring to but it was nice to see a compliment in some form from him.

ayn rand's Atlas Shrugged is turning out to be a better book than i thought it was going to be. long as hell though, i think i've read 700 pages of it so far and nowhere near done. interesting look at materialistic fueled economy and social structure.

new cd's to fuel the compulsive buying habit.
Silent Drive- love is worth it. [awesome cd, singing is reminescent of joey cape and the guy from craig's brother, and he transitions into davy havok type screaming, songs have a good range and... well... i think you'll like it]

My Chemical Romance-Three cheers for sweet revenge [haven't listened to it in its entirety yet, hopefully it's as good as it started off]

Funeral for a friend- Seven ways to scream your name [dl' back at school, just picked up the cd, good shit]

Bad Religion- Empire strikes first {best BR release in a long time, applause.]