Tuesday, June 22, 2004

hmm project

i was going to go to sleep 4 hours ago but... cucomm distracted me. in the mean time, i've thought of something to do with my summer life outside of working and going to the beach.

completely scrap the POS website i have right now and start from scratch. new page is going to require two elements, page one and page two. wow, that was some super brain work right there ay?

page one, for Team Awesome. where the hell did i come up with that dumbass name? anyways, using the assistance ofwww.pollstar.com and Cody Hess' program P-scrap (sp?) i'll keep an up to date calendar of upcoming punk rock/emo/hardcore/indie/awesome shows in the new york city + surrounding area for everyone to goto. people can use forms and stuff i guess to add them themselves, and also find people to go with, we are a growing team with plenty of people going to concerts each week. just look at jenn, marisa, dan and myself, between the 4 of us we must goto at THE LEAST, one concert a week. and that is on a bad week. so you should be able to write that you are a. attending b. have tickets c. have extra tickets d. whatever.

page two. noticed it was a damm hassle getting everyone on the same page when we were going out on the weekends last year. there are plenty of parties at columbia. we just need a page to tell us all where they are at. if you're party is some inclusive bullshit kind of thing, it ain't a party , it's a social gathering. we're lookin for parties here. so i'll keep a page that has parties for the weekend listed, gotta find the beer ya know? that and i don't like calling everyone in my phonebook looking for things to do and with everyone spread out from McBain to Fort Awesome-Wien to EC to wherever hole in the wall you live (me- Plimpton?).

all in all i think this is a productive endeavour. next year is going to be sweet. yea that is contingent on my not sucking ass in 3 EE classes + associated labs and 2 math classes. shazzle.

EDIT: 1:30 AM, roach ran across my carpet. mother fucker. i hate roaches, our house is too nice to have roaches. grabbed the lil' guy between a tissue and watched him squirm, then i pressed on its abdomen and watched its guts explode out its back side. you could still see it struggling as i threw it in the toilet. it tried to run for safety but it was still attatched to its guts that was half in its ass and half on the tissue. flush. buuuh bye you nasty shit bug. yea that was really unnecessary and kind of psycho sounding. apologies. JENGA!