Wednesday, June 02, 2004

politics: stupidity and bush hate.

i don't like bush. hey what else is new? what irks me however is that many people are taking the line that "bush is stupid, everything he does is bad and stupid, therefore vote for kerry". well i guess that is beneficial if you want kerry to win by any means necessary. i guess i'm idealistic, i'd hope that everyone votes for what they believe is the best direction for ALL of the American people, not a niche group, but all.

but saying that everything that Bush does is stupid, i think is infact stupid. it's a pretty picture that liberal friends and media have painted for us, and judging by a lot of what i've heard, that mentality is catching on.

the example that comes to mind right now was something that I read while I was in Canada. it was about scientific research on global warming and what this data means to the kyoto treaty. when i was at columbia, and a political debate sparked between two friends, the democrat always started off with the fact that bush pulled the United States out of the Kyoto treaty. Now those of us who don't read anything go, "that goddamn bush, he's killing the environment, fuck bush". well that's one side.

did any of us really examine the kyoto treaty? it sets some lofty goals about greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide for one. bush gets kicked in the balls bc being the ... not outside the box thinker that he is, defends everything, and i mean everything with his MBA, in terms of money... and sometimes ol' fashion christian values. anyways. i can see why everyone attacks him on this, he makes it a money issue, when you say it's too expensive we don't want to pay and you are one of the most industrialized and materialistic nations in the world it seems a bit stupid to weigh money against the future of the planet.

the senate dismissed the treaty 95-0. maybe they are thinking monetarily too.

don't knock on bush because it's fashionable, get some real reasons and some facts to back yourself up. getting to the point, the kyoto treaty truly has some serious scientific flaws if you read the latest research done... that and it excludes massively populated countries like china. so what'd i read in the canadian newspaper? let's say you took everyone in the world and they stop breathing, we stop driving cars, we stop polluting. the amount of carbon dioxide that is generated by us and everything related to us is at most neglible. when scientist calculate how much CO2 is transfered in and out of forests/soil/oceans, the amount we generate is less than the uncertainty for these measurements. +/- . we could find this data to be less compelling later after we get more data, but you do get a good perspective scientifically to justify the economic reason. just a thought.

another thing that has been hanging on my mind is my friend who is leaving for a 10 week program for officer's school in the Marines. i hope him the best, but i'll never understand why he and many military personnel i've known (our town is home to one of the bigger naval bases) is diehard republican. they say they are loyal to our country, that's a slap in the face, i thought despite bipartisanship, we all love our country for the most part. i must have missed the part where fighting for your country made you conservative. why is party affiliation even related? i don't know, someone enlighten me. i think it's stupid to vote a particular way because it's the local opinion, just as it's stupid to call bush stupid and his policies stupid because it's the local opinion. i guess i think this way because i think everything he does is completely intentional, not that he is stupid, but does not have the nation's complete well being in mind.