Thursday, June 24, 2004

updates and gmail.

7 gmail invitations more to give out, they just keep on coming don't they... oh and mish, i didn't give you one last time because i saw you had one already.


i started my CU project, this is going to require some help, i think i'm going to need Dan (djdan to ya'll who don't know him except for cucomm) to help me keep it updated and graphics and what not.

basically, what i wanted was a very clean, very accesible, quick loading site for everyone, meaning no flash, all html. nothing fancy, while still having visual appeal.

it's in 2 parts.

part 1's purpose is to have a site where everyone can look at and find parties to goto on the weekends, or weekdays at that. if you're having a party, let me know and i'll update the site accordingly. haven't figured out how i should set it up so i don't have to do everything myself.

part 2 is for team awesome. i decided it'd be easiest to use Blogger power for people to post what concerts are in nyc and who is going. if you are on my team awesome, i'll give you access to update the site accordingly. we will use the comments feature to track who is going, who has tickets, needs them, wants to sell them, etc.

i guess.... check out what i have so far...