Wednesday, July 14, 2004


I was listening to NPR on the way to work today and what made the little guy in my head dance around a bit was the story about the Bush campaign.

Bush is scared. I don't think this is anything new to anybody. His attacks I think, are going to register with the american public but in a way that he didn't expect. From the percentage of the population that uses their brain when they listen to things, I think their is going to be a pretty substantial backlash in terms of voting come time to elect the president.

Bush's new ads criticize Kerry for a lot, but they are so... well "grrrrrr".

Bush says, Kerry has spent so much time campaigning that he has failed to vote on numerous Senate issues. Kerry keeps defending himself saying that the votes he has skipped out on have been widely known to not be close issues where his vote would have mattered. Aren't presidential candidates supposed to be out campaigning? That's not what we should be looking at, where was Bush in the early part of his first year as President? it sure wasn't where he was needed most.

Everything that he accuses Kerry of, you have to wonder, didn't you do the same thing? He hasn't exactly been in his office while on the campaign trail either. How long can you accuse Kerry of things (Kerry isn't exactly a saint) before people decide to hold President Bush accountable? They jumped on Bill Clinton the second both of his scandals became public, and this was during his presidency. Why is everyone so aprehensive about tarnishing Bush's record by putting him under investigation during his? why does nobody want to step up and challenge him? he has challenged enough people in the past 2 months to last a lifetime, he challenged senators, congressmen and congresswomen, and he has challenged the integrity of the american public. when are people going to grab a hold of their balls and at least challenge him back on issues that matter.

Bush also said, John Kerry has made John Edwards his VP candidate. Edwards was a trial lawyer. We need to strengthen small businesses, trial lawyer and small businesses don't go together.

What in the hell, classic type statements you hear from Bush. These are completely unsubstantiated claims, what part of trial lawyer means that you are going to oppose small businesses? Because you file suit against big business and get settlements for people? what does that have to do with the guy down the street that owns a mulch store? bullshit.

ECONOMY CLAIM: "At home, obviously, the economy and jobs are on my mind. I know they're on yours, as well. I'm pleased that the economy is growing -- 5.6% unemployment is a good national number." – President Bush, 2/23/04

FACT: "There are the 8.7 million unemployed, defined as those without a job who are actively looking for work. But lurking behind that group are 4.9 million part-time workers who say they would rather be working full time — the highest number in a decade. There are also the 1.5 million people who want a job but didn't look for one" because the economy had become so bleak. "Add these three groups together and the jobless total for the U.S. hits 9.7%." Even the official unemployment rate is misleading. While "the unemployment rate fell to 5.7 percent from 5.9 percent, that was because more people gave up looking for work." All told, the recent drop "was wholly due to a contraction in the labor force, which declined by 309,000." As the New York Times noted, "compared with previous economic recoveries, job growth remains well below par." [Source: LA Times, 12/29/03;]

good job running the country President Bush. if you didn't pick it up, that was sarcasm. It shows a deep sense of struggling when Bush chooses to advance his publicity by not showing off what he has done for the country, but depicting a skewed image of what someone else has not done. it's ok though, Bush is a Christian and therefore ethical...