Sunday, July 25, 2004

awesome awesome awesome

it's 1:10 am so i'm absolutely sure this journal won't become hot, but it doesn't really matter and shouldn't really matter, but i just wanted to write, dear diary style, about one of the best concerts i've been to in a long time. suprisingly it was in dear ol' jacksonville.

8pm. jackrabbits, definately waited an extra hour for the concert to start because that's just how the south is, slow pace and take your time. first band was a local raggae band and they weren't half bad to tell you the truth.

the entire reason i went to this show was because of Lola Ray. that avatar you see in the top left hand corner of my page, that's their band logo, they are one of THE most talented bands i've ever heard and now, seen perform. check out their video, i'm not sure where you can find it anymore, but it's out there, just search for it. I talked to them for a little bit after the show and they are just the nicest guys ever. thanks to katie k. for introducing me to them, there is absolutely no way i could have found them on my own, unless i payed attention to good charlotte and found out they got signed to gc's new label dc flag. but good charlotte is officially the worst band ever so no one reads their news page. they played an awesome set, it was everything i expected. this big ass redneck came up to the front and started giving the lead singer, jon the finger and giving him shit. their roadie came over to settle things down, and then the guy was acting like an ass and wanted to start a fight, then jon hawked a lugie onto him. damn. that guy had good aim. 5 minutes later, security pulled that fucker outta there. he was probably there to see pepper, sucks for him. he was outta there, just like the yankees who got beat by the red sox today!! hahahahahaha. sorry yankees fans, i can't hate on them... sorry again. anyways, that was awesome the end.

the headliner was pepper. Volcom's ONLY good band they have signed, well at least the only volcom band i've heard that doesn't suck. they play raggae but it's so diverse that they get into metal and punk and blow your face off rock. the best part of the show was when the guy goes, "are you in for scuba?" hahahahahahha. i don't know if anyone has seen that movie, but he did that whole scene, it was so great. SCUBA???

through the whole set, this girl next to me was dancing and grinding all over me. she kept looking at me and pressing herself into me and then she took off her shirt into her bikini. this girl reminded me of our lindsay lohan discussion, this girls boobs were HUGE. she wasn't half bad looking either, i guess i would have gone for it, she was all up on me anyways. well... no i wouldn't, she must have been about 16. i don't go that low... well not anymore, hahaha. this little voice in my head wanted to get her number or at least goto a corner with her, but then i remembered she was my brother's age and that's kinda fucked up. being away from school has me frustrated, two legs and boobs, sigh... that shouldn't be all there is to it, gotta fight it.

*EDIT: the girl i was talking about flashed everyone, they were nice in case you were wondering. and then the bassist from pepper humped my face from the stage. he just stepped forward, and pushed his bass and his crotch into my face. that was disturbing

anyways... if lola ray is coming to your town, check to find out, get your ass out to that show. pepper is playing the tour with them and definately stay for that shit. over and out, rock out, wang out. gross.