Sunday, July 18, 2004


i've been collecting toys since i was a little kid and today the usps showed up to my door and made life a little more awesome.


hmmm what else, i got a bunch of clothes and what not in the mail today. the best shirt i got was from which is a non-profit that this guy mark beemer started up to raise funds to assist those combating breast cancer, in memory of his wife. so basically he knew the producer for some bands, like thrice, and they do benefit concerts and make shirts and do race for the cure and such. so bands like thrice, kid dynamite, taking back sunday, thursday, bouncing souls, hot water music, good riddance, and most precious blood jumped on to help. guy is doing a great job, i'm so proud of him that he put all of this together in memory of his wife. i get all teary... then again i welled up in tears at the end of lord of the ring: return of the king.

so i got me one of these, it's sweet looking.


on another note, i saw I, Robot today. Can't say it was a great adaptation of Asimov's book, but it wasn't meant to be. I thought it was awesome. Just a great summer flick that you can enjoy and not walk out scratching your head thinking about the deeper meanings of life. it's best said in the words of keanu reeves, "whooaaaah".

speaking of I, Robot, Bridget Moynahan is so beautiful... man i always wanted to meet a girl that looked like that, and had a personality like her character dr. calvin. hot hot hot. add her to my list of actresses i'm in love with.

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