Friday, March 19, 2004

stepping up political discourse.

Who are you going to vote for, Kerry or Bush? Tougher question than I had anticipated. I've never quite liked George W. Bush, I think those who followed our discussions back in the day have noticed. The reason that I steer towards Democrat, besides differences on issues, is the level of discourse. In my time I haven't seen many Republicans that my immediate gut reaction after listening to them and observing their mannerisms wasn't, you lying bastard. Save a few, John McCain for one, and others to varying degrees, I thought Newt Gingrich was a pretty good guy for a while. Anyways, but my point in writing this was that, despite what I think about Bush and the Republican effort on social security and permanent tax relief, I watched a debate tonight on C-Span and found a Republican representative that didn't turn my stomach inside out.

Ed Gillespie gave me hope that the level of political discourse in this country is going to improve beyond mud slinging and character assasination. He focused on party initiatives and issues without stopping to criticize Clinton or try to protect Bush, he tried to promote the Republican stance. I think he came off so well to me because he was paired up [debate @ Catholic University Washington D.C.] with Terry McAuliffe, they being Chairmen of their respective National Committees.

McAuliffe was terrible, I haven't seen a debate in a long time that was so hypocritical, continuously accusing Republicans of personal attacks and slander as their general policy and then going after Bush, Rod Paige, and many many more. Instead of answering George Stephanopolous and Gillespie's questions and issues, he whined about Bush, interrupted Gillespie numerous times and accused him of not following debate rules?, and made it a Vote for Kerry! speech. Grow up McAuliffe, answer the question, stop whining.

The best line from the debate was from McAuliffe:

McAuliffe: "I guess I know why you didn't graduate Suma Cum Laude from Catholic Univ when we were here, if you said that in economics class you would have gotten an F."

Anways, I think the democrats need a different National Committee Chairman, I had the same thoughts when I heard him after the last state of the union.

Gillespie on the other hand... I'm glad there is someone in politics who doesn't moan and groan and uses the facts. He has his interpretations given the information he has, he has his view of the president, but at least it's grounded in something. McAuliffe telling me that the country is going to be in good shape in terms of foreign policy because Kerry was a war veteran that was shot at doesn't mean anything to me. 2-Pac was shot at. Use the facts and the historical and social context. I still think Bush sucks. Kerry has not yet shown himself to be much better. Although our political stances are in line with most of mine, how about his character? We'll see what the Bush/Cheney campaign brings out in him in coming debates.

political discourse does need to be stepped up, so do a lot of things for that matter... education comes to mind. but that's all for today, Ed Gillespie, I think you're a winner. McAuliffe, I think you're a bum

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i was looking for the transcript of this debate but instead i found a transcript of a debate between Gillespie, McAuliffe, and Chris Wallace of Fox News. I don't care if it's fox news, McAuliffe... you did it again, you're giving the Democratic Party such an attack driven face, I don't like it. From what I've seen, McAuliffe is trying to play "hardball" politics, something we saw a lot of from Republicans, and at least to me he's looking really stupid while doing it. I think in every transcript i've read involving the RNC and DNC chairmen, the moderator has said at least 5+ times "Mr. McAuliffe, let's let Mr. Gillespie respond please". At least Kerry is able to seem like he's taking the high-ground while McAuliffe is doing the dirty work. If McAuliffe wasn't so good at fundraising I think his ass would be outta there.,2933,112848,00.html
Chris Wallace... you suck too.