Monday, March 15, 2004

note to self

this is a note to myself and my concert going posse.

i'm on and finding concerts that i need to buy tickets for. tell me which ones you are possibly going to and we'll have some kind of ticket buying field trip.

on another note: Listening to britney spears' new cd at 4 am is awesome. don't bullshit and say you don't like her, because you do.

ok... onto the concerts, add NJ dates that are close if you know what they are.

*'ed dates are ones i'm pretty positive i'm going to.

3/15- well too late, i hope someone is going to see get up kids @bowery.
3/26- Decembrists @ bowery.
3/26- hey mercedes/saves the day. not going. fuck saves the day.
*3/28 [Sunday] coheed and cambria/funeral for a friend/rainer maria/brazil (3 good bands and one semi good one, i'm going to try to buy this tommorow if it isn't sold out already).
4/3- Death by Stereo @knitting factory. anyone?
4/6, 4/7, 4/8 (tues-thurs)- ben kweller/death cab for cutie. {good idea, i'll be in lab though and i heard it's sold out already. fuck.}
*4/8- Lola Ray @ Pianos
4/9- Against me @ tribeca. hmmm.
4/12- alicia keys, beyonce, missy E, ...fuck beyonce.
4/14 {wednesday}- Motion city soundtrack/silverstein.@ knitting factory. i think i can make it to this one. any takers?
*4/16- Damien Rice @beacon. gotta buy tickets soon. Aimee and Elizabeth, i am buying you tickets for this, this is a birthday gift to the two of you.make sure i don't forget to buy them, bc i'll feel really shitty about it.
*4/19- WHOAH this is a fucking cool ass show, dan fuller we're going to this, this is too good to be true, aka's/anatomy of a ghost/emery/funeral for a friend/beautiful mistake. @continental. at my favorite venue and a kind of hardcore show. mother fuck yes!
*4/24- Strike Anywhere @ knitting factory

*and whenever the hell skate and surf in Jersey is i'll be there.