Sunday, January 07, 2007

so global warming IS partly our fault

“It is clear today that greenhouse gas emissions are one of the factors that contribute to climate change, and that the use of fossil fuels is a major source of these emissions.”

<3 Exxon Mobil

Wow. Can you believe that? This statement arriving just after news that Exxon Mobil had manufactured and supported op-eds and studies that created uncertainty towards human contribution to global warming. Well actually, first they released that the news of their propaganda campaign was an “attempt to smear our name and confuse the discussion”, then they thought... no no no, the truth will come out and we will get kicked in the balls like Enron; Courageously they told the truth, hopefully it wasn't just a press snippet. Don't Republicans look silly now, and now it may be too late for Al Gore to save us! Can we label those folks "global warming deniers" and point and laugh at them?