Wednesday, October 06, 2004


oh boy, i was going to goto sleep but this was too good to pass up. email from mary beth cahill of the democratic party sent me to fox news to go vote in their vp poll or whatever. i couldn't find the poll to vote, what i did find instead was quite hilarious.

during the debate Cheney instructed people to goto to check up on factual innacuracies that he claimed that edwards was making. so what did fox news do? obviously they linked it in their story. so what's the problem? isn't the right site, it's .org. the .com site redirects you to hahahahahaha

the page is titled. "why we must not re-elect president bush" that's what you get for slipping up, now see if you were al gore and you invented the internet you wouldn't be making mistakes like that, lol. but seriously, that was a stupid move on cheney's part, albeit unknowingly. has a really partisan article on the debate. what suprised me is that no online news source quoted the part where cheney accused kerry of voting down military weapon systems, and edwards shot back at cheney saying that cheney had voted the same way back in 1984 which was right after the cold war situation.

but. fox has some great tidbits on its site. like... it's factual innaccuracy article it pulled from the Associated Press. Cheney said he never met Edwards until tonight. completely false. even fox didn't have the gall to run with that line.,2933,134589,00.html
whoops cheney. slip up.,2933,134580,00.html
fact check reveals more of the same, especially at the ever changing number of times the republicans have said kerry and edwards have voted to raise taxes. that number has gone from 300 times to 98 times and isn't even close to either number. so yes indeed cheney, direct people to or .com if you will... they might discover you've been bullshitting and spinning the facts more than the democrats have.

funny couple of stories.

and in case you didn't notice the other tidbits of internet fun. check out tao's old journal. goto the website and do a people search for ninja. real ultimate power baby!