Saturday, September 25, 2004

we're not f-in dashboard confessional

when i came to new york a little more than 2+ years ago to start school at columbia i still thought of the city as the coldest place on earth. not because of the weather, although that does get pretty bad, but the people. people walk by each other so quickly, often with little more than a blank stare, everyone is consumed by the hustle and bustle of their lives that you'd think you were in a city... of well.. haters.

not so. nyc is full of lovers. my impression of a stone cold populace has been proven wrong so many times i've considered staying here (assuming i find a job here) after college.

last year on our way to a yankees game and bleacher seats, elizabeth, aimee and i were stopped by this black lady outside the stadium. we honestly thought she was trying to scalp us tickets and well... we're poor we don't have money to buy expensive tickets. well that lady gave us 3 tickets, box seats that were 6 rows behind home plate. (well tim was there and had front row seats and was sitting next to spike lee... but that's tim, he gets everything... lucky bastard).

last night on my way to the subway, i saw a man get out of his suv with his wife and bend over by the concrete column beneath the bridge to EC. he dropped a handful of butterscotch candy there and then drove off. beautiful.


and now for a great story from last night's concert. i went to brooklyn's northsix club for a show put on by conor oberst and the new york lawyers guild that was raising money towards the defense of those wrongly arrested during the RNC.

conor was up playing with his band bright eyes and they start playing this song that everyone knows... well i didn't know it, but anyways..

so everyone is singing along and then conor stops. looks out and says, "hey stop it. you're making me feel like we're fucking dashboard confessional. if you don't mind that's not how we do it, we do the singing you do the listening." oh shit. those were some harsh words.

he later apologized with "hey i'm sorry i wasn't trying to be a dick, we just don't do that".

conor conor conor... you're lucky your fan base is a bunch of heart throbbing girls and pretentious indie hipsters and scenesters that gobble up every word you say.