Friday, April 30, 2004


bacchanal's weekend of fun has started. fuck'n a it was awesome. tommorow supposedly i need to get up at 6 am to go help out with columbia concerts. i'd love too actually, the problem is I have a research paper, for which i just found a new topic and started researching and is due monday. i am in trouble. i hope i can help out at least a little tommorow, I plan to send Matt Carpenter Dennis in my stead, plus everyone else who has said they want to volunteer, go do it. It'll be awesome.

So anyways, After I left Lehman library and Pupin today, I was so enticed by the rock wall they had. I must have done it about 6 times. I haven't been doing my rock climbing regimen almost all semester ($200 membership dooooown the drain) so I was excited to do a little climbing. It was mad easy. I ended up racing Matt twice, I ROCKED YOU BUDDY (that's not supposed to be a pun). Then the guy in charge wanted to race me and I rocked him too. Reflecting, I should enter the speed climbing event next comp I goto.

After that I saw the American Gladiator style fight thing. Contrary to what Mike [the Glassman] glass says, it is fun to fight girls. I got Evann to get up there and fight me. I have to hand it to her, she handedly kicked my ass. Those rugby girls... they are too damn good at kicking people's asses. I fell victim.

oh yea.... go see temptest tonight, well it's already started, but there is another one at midnight. This year's KCST show is really good stuff. ok. peas. on with the paper.

What to title this paper... "Mao thought Stalin was a poop head."