Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tasers and Bill O'Reilly

Andrew Meyer of the University of Florida was tasered by the police while he was resisting arrest. Meyer was screaming and writhing in pain, it was difficult to listen to. Although I think Meyer deserved to be tasered, after continually resisting arrest, it is another thing completely for someone like Bill O'Reilly to listen to his screams and state:

"I've been tasered for a story, and all I can say is: He is the biggest wimp in the United States of America." O'Reilly added: "And I don't say that with any kind of bravado, but the overreaction to being tasered -- it's not -- it's an electrical shock is what it is."

The biggest wimp in the United States? Give me a break. I'd like to see the video of Bill O'Reilly getting tasered for a story, actually, I'll even call bullshit on that one. That's right, bullshit. Watch the below video of an army soldier getting tasered, he screams out in pain to, I don't think that even comes close to making him a wimp. I challenge O'Reilly to prove he can take a taser shot without screaming in pain, $10 says he pees his pants.