Monday, April 17, 2006

Immigration problems

Republican ethics scandals, intelligent design, and marginalized racists. With today's headlines it's difficult not to have an opinion. But the most dominant news story of the past few weeks, illegal immigrants, makes my head spin.

What do we admit? Do we admit that our goods are so cheap because we are able to fuel our agricultural machine with cheap labor? We end up embracing a completely unethical system of labor exploitation, which most of us just turn a blind eye towards. We have become a society that relies on illegals to pick fruits and vegetables, work crappy factory jobs, clean our houses, do manual labor, etc etc. the list goes on and on. What's the alternative? Build big fences. Are out of work Americans going to want to do the jobs that were once populated by illegals, some say "of course not!", others say "they are out of work, it's better than nothing, why wouldn't they do it"... But who knows, we've never been in that situation. We live in a society where you can survive off digging for clothes in the trashcan and scrounging up 99 cents for something on the McDonalds menu... if you were homeless and out of work, would you really want to pick potatos so you can file your IRS forms?

This one is too hard for me. Blows me. Blows you.


Cody the Destroyer said...

It's not that hard for me. I believe that legal Americans could not people even half of the jobs done by illegal ones.

Exploitation exists, but if we're going to address the problem of immigration let's deal with that one instead of citing it as a reason to crack down. It's convenient for factories, etc. to pay less but I believe our problem isn't one of no Americans willing to do certain jobs at suppressed wages but is instead one of not enough Americans to do the jobs America wants done.

emily said...

I think you need to cite Arielle Kleinman for "blows me. blows you." There are copyright infringement laws about that stuff. Or at least, you should pay her a royalty...I mean, or you could pay me.